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Life is for living
(Photos by Bill)

Moving images ...

Fleeting frames

Adopt a siege mentality - or embark upon a journey. - Michael J. Fox

Longer videos:

Included here are a few edited pieces.

ParaGrinding (November 2012, 8 min.)

A personal account of a cycling/hiking/paragliding day in late summer ...

Princess Louisa Inlet (April 2008, 5 min. 16 sec.)

We flew up in a floatplane piloted by our friend Steve Cunningham for a very special afternoon ...

Soaring (August 2007, 3 min. 36 sec.)

This is some footage I shot in Okinawa, put to music ...

Street Roulette, Saigon (January 2005, 45 sec.)

Crossing a busy street in Vietnam ...



Short vignettes.

Ama Beach (March 2005)

thumbnail to video of swimming with a turtle Turtle! Turtle!
This was at one of our favorite beaches in Okinawa, on Zamami Island (12 sec., 4.5 mb Quicktime movie).

Kayo (July 2005)

a thumbnail linking to my digitizing web project Fly Away
More flying with the Breeze paragliding club members over Kayo on Okinawa's east coast. (35 sec., 4.1 mb Quicktime movie).

Grouse Mountain (July 2006)

a thumbnail linking to my digitizing web project Paragliding North Vancouver
Three short clips, averaging about 17 seconds each. Grouse is a very special flying site, with spectacular views of the city. (3 x 2-3 mb Quicktime movies, no sound).